Rent Increase

Have your ever wondered what your home should or could rent for?  Or if you are an existing landlord and wondering whether your rental price is at market levels or how much under they are? We can INCREASE YOUR RENT, many cases!


Well, recently we took over the management of an existing rental home from a fellow Realtor referral.  We were able to successfully get the South Chesterfield (Matoaca High area) home rented for $1210/month.  Previously, it was renting for only $900/month.  That’s an annual increase of $3,720 and an additional 23.68% R.O.I.  (after taking into account our management fees).



Because of this increase that will sustain over time, the owner was then able to update and properly maintain the home to include a brand new HVAC system, which of course this and future tenants would appreciate and benefit from.  Now, this home has been converted into a true asset with consistent positive cash flow. Of course, we’ll also ensure that it stays that way for the long haul, monitoring for rent increases as the lease gains additional tenure and negotiating that with your current tenants.

Contact us if you’d like an evaluation on your home or if you’d like to join the ranks of investors building wealth through real estate!

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Posted by: wrightchoice on May 14, 2018
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