Rent Your Primary Residence

Rent Your Primary Residence to BUY a Better New One!

Would you like to buy a bigger, better new home than you currently live in? We can help

We often help clients to rent your primary residence in order to help them qualify for the mortgage to be able to buy a bigger and/or better new home. Often, the owner and now landlord, will have us help them later sell the home when they’re settled nicely into the home. But, more often than that, we have done a good job placing excellent tenants and mitigated the potential risks, and the now landlord decides to continue onward renewing the existing lease as they start to build wealth through the long-term ownership of real estate! The key is getting into the new house (and we need to quickly rent your primary residence to qualify you to do that) and often there are very tight timelines from the mortgage company, but we can and have helped many clients make this “dream” a reality!

Rent Your Primary Residence

A Former Rental Where we helped the Owner Rent it Out so they could buy. Then, a year later, we SOLD it to the tenants!

Sometimes, the now landlord (after we have rented their primary residence) decides that, because we have made the property management process seem so easy, they want to buy more rental properties. And, we’ve even had where the owner/landlord repeats the process with their new property to continue to trade up! The basic tenet here is that if the single biggest financial asset that most people own is their house, then why stop at ONLY 1? And, with long term hold real estate, it’s very likely to appreciate while providing consistent cash flow, irregardless of what the stock market volatility. This is very important when considering the trade-offs of stock market versus real estate, in light of the current situation with the stock market being at or near all-time highs!

All of that is great, but remember, we can help you quickly and easily rent your primary residence so that YOU can BUY your very own dream house AND start additional wealth building through real estate all at the very same time!

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