Everyone LOVES our 24/7 Maintenance Contact Center!  Tenants can contact our maintenance center at 804-495-2292 at any time day or night and the customer service representative will take down the information, troubleshoot with the tenant, and assign the appropriate vendors to get the work done.

In emergency situations (ex. forceful water leak/stream that can’t be stopped by cutting off the water at the line), then they can even have the work order immediately dispatched.  Immediate dispatch can be turned on or off at the landlord’s discretion.  The maintenance center is the BEST way to start the repair/maintenance case management work order process, because some issues can be troubleshooted immediately without even having to dispatch anyone.  And, there is no additional cost to either our landlords OR tenants for this wonderful feature.  This also differentiates our firm from other landlords and property management professionals that don’t have 24/7 maintenance services.

That being said, if you’d prefer to log the maintenance request from your mobile device or desktop computer, you can do that from your tenant portal or the following link: http://www.thewrightchoicerichmondrealty.com/maintenance-request/

Landlords like the fact that the 24/7 maintenance contact center increases our response time and ability to quickly diagnose the situation.  Therefore, we can mitigate the repair cost and quickly get the right professionals on the job.  Also, managing this 24/7 maintenance work order process minimizes repairs needed to be done between tenants, as most issues will have already been corrected/addressed.  Finally, for landlords this feature benefits them by keeping their properties in good condition which keeps their property values high!


We often hear from folks at showings for our rentals that they really like seeing our name pop up on a rental because they know that the home is going to look better and be well cared for (both prior to them renting it and while they are potentially renting the home).

If you have additional questions on this wonderful feature for our firm, or if you have any questions about any of our other services or properties, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat with you right away!

Posted by: wrightchoice on May 17, 2018
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