Inspections are not usually the first topic brought up by would-be landlord clients (and definitely not by tenants or applicants), but they are a VERY important part of the property management process.  While they probably are slightly less important than Tenant Selection, they are VITAL as they help us to identify minor issues before they become major, and thus mitigate costs.  The issues that they may uncover could be none (yay!), could be related to potential repairs, or could be related to non-approved pets or non-approved additional occupants.

Quarterly Inspections

Property Inspections are Vital and Thus We Do Them QUARTERLY

Nonetheless, these inspections keep us as property managers in consistent communication with both the tenants and the landlords, reinforcing positive relationship building and maintenance.  It also eliminates one of the biggest reasons that tenants move, which is having landlords that don’t keep the house up.  These consistent quarterly inspections also keep the repairs done at the early stage and in many cases, prevent a huge expense at tenant move-out prior to re-renting or later selling the home.  Therefore, the inspections also assist in keeping up the curb appeal and keeping both the neighborhood and Homeowners Association relationships strong.

So, what does a Quarterly Inspection involve, you may ask?  Well, it starts with an appointment with the tenant while they are there at the home (with at least 1 adult for liability reasons).  The trained inspector will visit the property, complete a one page checklist, take time-stamped photos of all rooms, all mechanicals, any noted repair items, all sides of the exterior, and the yard, fence, and outbuildings.  Then, the inspector (independent contractors) will provide the inspections materials to the firm and we will forward them to the owner.  The best news about these inspections is that they are only $25 per inspection and billed through the monthly statements on a Net 30 basis.  Again, these inspections are very important to keeping the property up keeping the tenants (and neighbors) happy and staying there for a long time.  This service is also a differentiator for us versus our competition, as most other property management firms inspect annually, if at all.

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