Why Real Estate Professionals Should Establish a Partnership with a Chesterfield Property Manager

If you’re a real estate agent who focuses solely on helping clients buy and sell properties, you can benefit from a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with a property management company. Property managers and Realtors don’t need to compete with each other; each business is unique and requires a different skill set.

How Professional Property Management can Help You

When you have a client who cannot seem to sell their house for the price they want, or they’ve purchased a home as an investment property, you can turn them over to a property manager to rent out the home. This is a good way for your client to earn some income and for you to stay involved with the property.

Most real estate agents don’t have a lot of interest in managing properties. It requires a lot of experience, legal knowledge, and an understanding of how rental properties and tenants operate. Realtors are more interested in negotiating sales and showing homes to potential buyers. When you have a trusted professional who can handle the management of a client’s home, you’ll have more peace of mind. Property managers understand leasing, fair housing laws, maintenance requirements, and the importance of move-in and move-out inspections. You can keep doing what you do best while a professional management company does what they do best.

The Realtor/Property Manager Relationship

The Realtor/Property Manager RelationshipWhen you work with a property manager who you trust, you can both benefit. Real estate agents and property managers can give each other referrals. They can help each other’s business grow, and no one needs to compete over clients because each party is meeting different client needs. When you work with a property manager and your client is ready to sell or buy another property, the manager will turn that client back over to you.

At The Wright Choice Richmond Realty Group, we work with professional real estate agents all the time. Our services are geared towards accidental landlords and investors who are hoping to grow their portfolios. If you’d like to learn more about how we can benefit from working with each other, please contact us at The Wright Choice Richmond Realty Group. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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