Benefits of Having a Landlord and Property Manager Relationship

Working with a professional property management company comes with many benefits, and one of those benefits is the relationship you’ll enjoy with your property manager. Your property manager will act as a buffer between you and your tenant, allowing you to share and receive information through your manager instead of fielding calls and messages from tenants who have questions or need help.

Better Communication with Professional Property Management

When you have a property manager, you won’t be bothered by maintenance calls in the middle of the night from tenants who are frantic because their air conditioning doesn’t work or their water heater is leaking. You’ll also have access to your property manager. Instead of navigating an extensive phone system, you can ask for your property manager’s direct line or cell phone number. For non-urgent questions, you can send a message or check for information on your owner’s portal.

Access to Rental Management Tools and Resources

You can use your relationship with your property manager to access invaluable tools and resources about the local market in general or your rental property specifically. When you need to price your property, your manager will understand what homes like yours are renting for, and make some recommendations on how to price your property. And, when you need a maintenance vendor, you won’t have to screen them yourself or seek someone who meets your high standards and fits into your budget. Instead, your property manager will have access to licensed and insured vendors who do good work for affordable rates. Your property manager can also provide investment advice and help you make decisions that will increase ROI and keep expenses down.

Professional Property Management is Full-Time

It’s difficult for individual landlords to fit property management duties into their busy schedules. Marketing your home, screening tenants, researching lease requirements, and keeping up with maintenance will take a lot of time and require a lot of knowledge. It can be a huge challenge for a private landlord who is self-managing. But, if you have a good relationship with your property manager, you can relax. Property managers do these things all day, every day. They have the skills and the temperament to manage tenant disputes, deal with conflicts, negotiate rental rates, and keep your home maintained.

Professional Property Management is Full-TimeYou have a lot to gain by working closely with a professional property management company. A good property manager establishes and maintains a positive and respectful working relationship with all of their clients and their tenants. This ensures you have a positive rental experience.

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