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Why Background Checks are Important – Chesterfield Tenant Screening Advice

Why Background Checks are Important

Tenant background checks are important because you want to find high quality tenants who will respect your investment property and keep it clean and in good condition. If you don’t take the time to conduct a thorough background check on your tenants during the screening process, you could end up losing a lot of money and having a very frustrating experience as a landlord.

Consider the risks involved in placing a tenant who hasn’t been screened.

How to Perform a Successful Background Check in Chesterfield, VA

How to Perform a Successful Background Check in Chesterfield, VA

Background checks are an important part of your tenant screening process. They must include several critical elements, including a credit check and a criminal history review. We recommend that you dig a little deeper and conduct a thorough background check that will give you a good idea of who is renting your property. Placing the right tenant will have a huge impact on your success as a landlord and your rental income.

How to Handle Security Deposits for Your Chesterfield Rental Property

Tenant Screening Tips

If there’s going to be a landlord and tenant dispute, it will likely be over the security deposit. This is an area that gets complicated for many landlords, especially after a tenant moves out. Make sure you understand Virginia security deposit law; otherwise you can find yourself in court, facing a lot of legal and financial trouble.

Handling Property Maintenance and Repairs Like a Pro – Chesterfield Property Management

Preventative maintenance will save you money and protect the condition of your investment. If you’re working with a professional property management company, you can expect your manager to inspect the property regularly and have a system in place to respond to repair needs. If you’re managing your property on your own, you need both a maintenance plan and a maintenance budget.

How to Get Your Chesterfield Home Rent-Ready

To attract the best tenants and collect the highest rents, you’ll need to make sure your property is ready for the rental market. Many landlords rush to get it listed and then wonder why they’re not getting a lot of interest. It’s better to take the time that’s required to really prepare the home and make it rent-ready. When you offer prospective tenants a property that’s move-in ready, you’ll have better luck placing a great tenant who will take good care of the home.

What to Expect in Your Chesterfield Rental Lease Agreement

Rental Lease Agreement

Landlords need to have a strong lease in place that lays out the expectations for the property and protects the owner, the investment, and the tenant. Many landlords make the mistake of downloading any lease template they find on the internet. This is a big mistake. The lease needs to be specific to the state of Virginia and its laws. It also needs to be specific to your rental property.

There are a few things you should absolutely expect to see in your lease agreement.

What to Look for When Going Through a Quarterly Inspection for your Chesterfield Rental

Property Inspection

Regularly inspecting your rental property will accomplish two important things. First, it will ensure you’re successfully maintaining the home, and protecting its condition. Second, it provides you with an opportunity to ensure your tenants are complying with the terms of your lease agreement. We recommend you have a licensed Realtor inspect your rental property on a quarterly basis. There are a few specific things to note during these inspections.

What is the Eviction Process in Chesterfield, VA?

Eviction Process

There are two reasons to evict a tenant in Chesterfield, and those are: nonpayment of rent; or, a refusal to comply with the terms of the lease agreement. The most common reason you’ll need to evict someone is because they’ve stopped paying rent.

Every landlord and property owner dreads the idea of eviction. However, if your tenant is not paying rent, you don’t want to wait too long to begin the eviction process. Act quickly to avoid a longer than necessary process.

Midlothian Sugar Creek Townhome Available!

Looking for the unicorn of a Midlothian Sugar Creek that’s available?  Look no further!  Check out this link for more information about the Sugar Creek neighborhood/subdivision in Midlothian:

Here’s some available information about Midlothian, courtesy of our friends at Wikipedia:,_Virginia

Midlothian Sugar Creek

Midlothian History and Map

This lovely townhouse in Sugar Creek ( at 12304 Darien Circle is conveniently nestled between Courthouse and I-288 to the East and West and between Midlothian Turnpike and Hull Street Road to the North and South.  And, therefore, it is close to virtually everything including access to downtown Richmond (,_Virginia ) to the East (and then further East to the Richmond International Airport ( , Petersburg/Fort Lee ( the South, Ashland ( ) to the North, and Powhatan to the West (plus Goochland to the Northwest and Amelia to the Southwest).  This area is also close to the Chesterfield Town Center mall (, as well as the newer Westchester Commons.


Godwin Area 22 Rentals

Godwin Area 22 Rentals can be hard to find sometimes and they often don’t last very long because of the low supply and high demand!  The high demand is largely based off the wonderful school district (, but also the close proximity to employment centers, shopping, dining, and both Downtown Richmond to the East (through Patterson Avenue or I-64E) and Chesterfield or Goochland to the West (through I-288 or I-64W).

Currently, we have an affordably priced ranch-style home 12301 Pleasant Run in this area that’s available in September (  There just so happens to also be a newer listing for sale on the same street for $279,900.

This area is called the West End and prior to the building boom in the late 80’s and early 90’s was really the Western Edge of civilization as far as Henrico goes.  Then, later Short Pump Mall was built and a lot of new construction homes, dining, and employment centers popped up, as well as West Broad Village, and really extended the reach of the county and area.  That being said, the Godwin area of the West End is still VERY popular because it is near everything, has very good schools and is still affordable to middle America.

Godwin Area 22_The West End

Godwin Area 22 Map_The West End link to 23233 zip code rentals:

See our other available rental listings here:

Feel free to contact us if we can help you further with Western Henrico Rentals or property management!

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